Background of the tool

Within the framework of the strategic initiative “Entrepreneurship” of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, the School of Applied Psychology developed the Entrepreneurcheck in order to provide entrepreneurs with a scientifically sound as well as practical instrument and to support them in their start-up activities.

The personality test operationalizes 12 success-relevant characteristics derived from several meta-analyses. These personality traits were used and evaluated together for the first time to predict the start-up and business success of entrepreneurs. The independent and incremental validity of the individual traits was tested using differentiated criteria from different stages of start-up.

In an empirical study with N=244 male and female entrepreneurs, it became clear that the 12 characteristics complement each other (multiple regression, multiple corrected R = .47) and that they show differential validity for the success criteria. Individual personality traits, such as achievement motivation and self-efficacy, were found to be valid across criteria and phases.

The module development focused on entrepreneurs, but it can also be used for self-employed persons who are not entrepreneurs in the narrower sense, as well as for intrapreneurs.